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Tips for Body-Builders to Stay In Shape During The Lock down

COVID-19 has hit us all in several ways but not being able to hit the gym has been one-of-its-kind of a pain since the lock down began. With the stress of our gym membership fee going waste for the year, we all also panicked about our bodies that would no longer be lean and in shape because of our inability to work on them.

While some of us maintained our fitness regimes in the early months of lock down, the others had just started regaining that muscular body back after lock down one was over. However, now that the second wave is getting crazier everywhere, body builders are again panicking over not being able to achieve their body goals again.

If you are one such body builder who is not too sure about how to keep their fitness game up with another lock down coming up, or if you are yourself practicing self-quarantine to avoid catching the virus, then this post is for you.

Given below are some of our tried and tested tricks to make sure you stay fit during the COVID-19 lock down and all around the year.

Resort to classic exercises

No, you don’t have to rush to the stores to buy all those dumbbells and barbells. All you need is to search some basic body exercises, each catered for a specific part of your body and stick to them. Carrying out even the simplest of exercises regularly and while maintaining a proper diet can help your body stay in the best possible shape for long.

Don’t worry about not progressing in your achievement

These are tough times and you should be focused on your mental health more than anything else.

When carrying out a fitness routine at home without any specialized equipment, you should be proud of yourself for just maintaining your body and muscle mass.

Don’t worry if you are not progressing in your fitness goals at all, your goal should be to maintain what you have already achieved not going further in your goals at least as long as the gyms don’t reopen.

Stay hydrated ! Yes, all those detox drinks and weight loss liquids are great but nothing can do any such magic as can be done by simply keeping your body hydrated. A hydrated body is capable of working at its best with proper digestion and maintenance of mineral content, thus helping you stay fit and maintain your muscle mass.

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